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An Exciting new Platforming game from Screen Space Studios, Turtle Town. A game where you Platform your way across the turtle clearing corrupted goo in a beautiful ‘Avatar the last Airbender’ inspired landscape.

You Play as Roley, a Bug boy with special arrows to eradicate the corruption spread across the turtle by hitting its weak points. You have the ability to turn into a ball, fling yourself in an air dash, and shoot. with these tools combined you can save the turtle you inhabit make sure you don’t touch that goo yourself, it appears it’s gaining sentience and throwing itself at you.

Turtle Town By Screen Space Studios 


Ridley Chrystal

Mariela Feniquito

James Cocks

Mikayla Parany 


Benjamin Babicka 

Wesley Warmington 

Ashley Foster 

Joshua Manicolo 


Connor Fettes 


Turtle Town.zip 1 GB

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